shoot for BET Black Girls Rock 2018

Here is a clip of segment I shot for BET Black Girls Rock 2018. We interviewed a very inspiring Amanda Gorman. Hopefully the link works. I shot this segment with a Canon C300.


Working with Non-profits

I had the chance to work on series of videos for the Non-profit Easter Seals. This was a particularly touching story of George. George is in a wheelchair. He can communicate by moving his eyes up for yes and down for no.  He dreamed of going to the beach.   This the story of the first time he got go to the beach. It will bring tears to your eyes. 

Tony Peck DP on Jennifer Lopez & David Dobrik video

Tony Peck Director of Photography on Direct TV Super Bowl promo for Jennifer Lopez & David Dobrik Fear Box Challenge. This was a lot of fun to shoot!

Tony Peck Director of Photography for Jennifer Lopez and David Dobrik 

Interview with Dick Beyer (The Destroyer & Dr X) in Akron, NY

This is the first time I did a interview and never saw the interviewees face. Dick wore his mask through our entire visit.  There is a great picture of Deborah Harry of Blondie fame wearing a Dr X shirt. You can also play a round of Park Golf on Dicks course. A Japanese variation of Golf I have never heard of until now. It looks like fun!

The Destroyer.jpg
Deborah Harry.png

Stunning Technology Conference video

Peck Media produced this video for the opening of a technology conference called Focus 2017. The client Solver Global wanted an energetic video.  This video achieved that goal!